Presentasjoner fra Nordic Reform Conference 2019


Paul Larsson

On the belief in punishment

Giovanna Campello

UNODC perspectives on health-oriented prevention of drug use


ole Røgeberg

Regulated cannabis markets

Wim van ben Brink

Treatment of Alcohol Use Disorders. New Options for Better Outcomes


Amber Marks

Cannabis Associations and Social Clubs: An elegant and UN convention compliant solution?

Bård Standal

Arguments for Drug Policy Reform Movement


Ben Sessa

MDMA-assisted psychotherapy

Lowan H. Stewart

Ketamine: Treating depression and dependence


Ted Goldberg

Drug policy - theoretical conceptions

Steve Rolles

Regulatory approaches to reducing harm from stimulants


Dagfinn Hessen Paust

Should drugs be regulated like gambling?

Andreas Wahl Blomkvist

Balancing risk and therapeutic potential with illicit drugs


Martin Blindheim

Towards substitution treatment 3.0

Amir Englund

Can we make cannabis safer?


Riikka Perälä

Users First: From Harm Reduction & Rehabilitation to Care & Good life


Presentasjonene fra forskerdebatten


Svend Davanger

Cannabis forandrer hjernen - Er det bra eller uheldig?

Amir Englund

Hur skadligt är cannabis?


Andreas Wahl Blomkvist

Kunnskap for tryggere ruskultur